Description: FourOh-LUG Technology Evangelist
Age: 54
Location: West Dundee, Kane County, Illinois, USA
Hometown: West Dundee
About: Founder, Technology Evangelist

Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. is building a local Manufacturing Supply Chain Directory in Kane and neighboring counties. We provide a fully RFC-compliant technology stack, licensed by GPL, MIT, Apache, and other compatible licenses. We do not use commercial or proprietary products or services, and we do not create commercial or proprietary products and services.

The mapping and publishing of the local manufacturing supply chain is progressed by using the Linux User Group (LUG) concept. We give the traditional LUG a new focus on Manufacturing, and the new mission to generate enough income to self-sustain and grow. The technology stack includes all essential and some highly beneficial components such as:

  • Debian-based DNS Infrastructure, YunoHost portals
  • Uniform Webmin-based Administration, Policies
  • Dokuwiki-based interlinked dictionaries
  • Joomla!+Fabrikar enterprise-grade web forms
  • ApacheDS (LDAP), BaseX (XML), Gitea (git)
  • MySQL Business Logic repository
  • Encrypted email accounts with aliases
  • Moderated but entirely uncensored Hubzilla Forum
  • 3D-printed prototyping projects

When you implement FourOh-LLC in your production office, the possible future transition to true, Industry 4.0 enterprise-level services going to be significantly faster and cheaper. We recommend you give FourOh-LLC a week of your time before you spend millions of USD on the Industry 4.0 transition.

Our main and currently only project is called the FourOh-LUG, and we are looking for LOCAL participants in the form of Linux hobbyists and pros, 3D-printing enthusiasts, CNC, lathe and routing operators, CAD, CAM, Drafters and Designers, and all related - for our sponsors, expert pool, FourOh-LLC LUG members

This instance of the Hubzilla forum is the home of the FourOh-LLC Administrative and Technology Evangelist community. We provide governance, the design and the implementation expertise for FourOh-LUG. If you want to ask and learn more this is the right forum to join the federated networks.